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Welcome Parents!

Why is your son playing AAU?
Is it really AAU?

Is the reason...
to become a better skilled player?
his love of the game?
prepration for High School?
preperation for College?
to get recruited?
to learn life lessons?
for fun?

All of these answers should be Yes. 

Here we will give information about what to expect from the AAU, your son's AAU club, and most importantly his AAU coach. 

We will ask you to examine all three facets in hopes of helping you make good decisions based on input from Educators, High School coaches, and reputable AAU directors and coaches who have been working with players for many years.

We will examine the difference between AAU and non-AAU baseketball.  There is a huge difference and you should know what to expect from the AAU because in the end, the routes you choose for your son will have long lasting impressions.

You will also be given the opportunity to create a player profile page for your high school son so, that every college coach in the nation will be able to access.  And it's FREE after you take a small survey on the content.  We believe with all the BUZZ about this one and that one, a lot of youth basketball is solely becoming about the alimighty $. Many coaches in the AAU do this for the right reasons... for players like your son. Much like your son's education, you should demand they are receiving the BEST.
There are a series of pages covering

An AAU Club
The AAU Coach
What isn't AAU
The difference between AAU and Non-AAU

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