5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades- Mass Premier
Pools (Game Schedule Scroll Down)
5th Grade
Pool A
A2) Evolution Basketball
A3) M-Plex Thunder

Pool D
D1) A Step Ahead
D2) NH Hustle
D3) Central Mass Shamrocks
D4) Mass Premier (Modarski)

6th Grade
Pool F
F1) Bay State Jaguars - Galletta
F2) Central Mass Swarm
F3) Bay State Flash - Black

Pool I
I1) Boston Spartans
I2) NH Elite
I3) New England Basketball Club

7th Grade
Pool K
K1) Bay State Jaguars
K2) Diamonds in the Rough
K3) SSRB Riptide

Pool N
N1) Cape Cod Xpress
N2) New England Storm - Black
N3) Team Providence Athletics

Pool R
R1) Student Athletes Rising
R2) SS Wolfpack
R3) Mass Premier - Rapaport
R4) Mass Mad Dogz

8th Grade
Pool T
T1) M-Plex Mustangs
T2) NH Gym Rats
T3) Mass Crusaders

Pool X
X1) Mass Elite
X3) Central Mass Swarm

Pool AA
AA1) New England Storm - Black
AA2) Shooting Stars
AA3) Mass Commanders
AA4) MPC - Sarro

Pool B
B1) Middlesex Magic
B2) Mass Warriors
B3) Mass Mavericks

Pool E
E1) New England Storm
E2) Mass Premier - Pelote
E3) Central Mass Swarm
E4) Mass Elite - Griffin

Pool G
G1) Mass Premier Mustangs
G2) All for One

Pool J
J1) Mass Elite
J2) Boston Warriors
J3) Boston Bobcats

Pool L
L1) All For One
L2) NE Blizzard
L3) Mass Crusaders

Pool O
O1) Boston Spartans
O3) Mass Commanders
O4) MPC - Rodgers

Pool S
S1) NH Hustle
S2) Lady Of Hope Parish
S3) New England Storm - Silver
S4) Mass Elite - Griffin

Pool V
V1) Boston Warriors
V2) Maine Thunder
V3) Elite Skills Academy

Pool Y
Y1) MPC - Reidy
Y2) RI Renegades 1
Y3) Bay State Magic
Y4) Fab Five Elite

Pool BB
BB1) Boston Spartans
BB2) New England Basketball Club
BB3) Expressions Elite
BB4) S.T.A.R. Athletic Club

Pool C
C1) RI Renegades
C2) Mass Elite - Choate
C3) Boston Bobcats

Pool H
H1) New England Storm
H2) RI Renegades
H3) Diamonds in the Rough

Pool M
M1) Mass Elite - Boykin
M2) Dunbar Wolves
M3) S.T.A.R. Athletic Club

Pool P
P1) Bay State Magic
P2) RI Renegades
P4) MPC - Westerman

Pool W
W2) NH Spartans
W3) Silver City Sharks
W4) Mass Blue Devils

Pool Z
Z1) Student Athletes Rising
Z2) B2L - Black
Z3) Expressions Elite North
Z4) New England Storm - Silver

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