2011 NEAAU 9th, 10th, 11th Super Regional- Mass Premier Courts
9th Grade
Pool A
A1) Mass Premier
A2) Maine
A3) Boston Titans

Pool D
D1) Blackstone Valley Chaos
D2) CMAC Hawks (North)
D3) RI Renegades

10th Grade
Pool G
G1) Boston Warriors - West
G2) Mass Premier- Foster
G3) Mass Evolution

Pool J
J1) Mass Premier - Kelley
J2) A Step Ahead
J3) NE Heat

Pool M
M1) Boston Spartans
M3) Boston Warriors -Central

11th Grade
Pool O
O1) NE Storm
O2) Fidelity House
O3) Worcester West

Pool S
S1) Boston Warriors - Black
S2) South Shore Wolfpack
S3) Wiz Kids

Pool W
W1) All For One
W2) Bay State Magic - Brickhouse
W3) Boston Warriors - Blue
W4) Bridgewater Blazers

Pool B
B1) Team Frenji
B3) Hoopaholics

Pool E
E1) Bay State Magic
E2) New England Storm
E3) Bay State Legends
E4) Worcester Sting

Pool H
H1) Bay State Magic
H2) NH Titans
H3) Merrimack Valley BC

Pool K
K1) Middlesex Magic
K2) RI Renegades- Black
K3) Boston Warriors

Pool N
N1) Blackstone Valley Chaos
N2) Mass AAU
N3) RI Renegades- White

Pool P
P1) Bomb Squad
P2) Middlesex Magic
P3) A Step Ahead

Pool T
T1) Mass Premier
T2) Connecticut Force
T3) Prodigy Basketball

Pool C
C1) Mass Bearcats
C2) South Shore Wolfpack- McCarthy
C3) Mass Evolution

Pool F
F1) Boston Spartans
F2) Middlesex Magic
F3) Central Mass Shamrocks
F4) South Shore Wolfpack- Roach

Pool I
I1) Fidelity House
I2) Explosion Elite
I3) North Central Blaze

Pool L
L1) New England Storm
L2) South Shore Wolfpack
L3) North Metro BB

Pool R
R2) RI Renegades
R3) Worcester Boys and Girls

Pool V
V1) Dunbar
V2) Blackstone Valley Chaos
V3) Bay State Magic - Jenkins

Game Schedule

6:20 PM
7:30 PM
8:40 PM

8:30 AM
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
12:15 PM
1:30 PM
2:45 PM
4:00 PM
5:15 PM
6:30 PM
7:45 PM
9:00 PM
10:10 PM

8:30 AM
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
12:15 PM
1:30 PM
2:45 PM
4:00 PM
5:15 PM

Court 1
K1 vs K3 +15
O1 vs O2 +15
P2 vs P3 +15

Mass Premier
Court 1
B2 vs B3 +2 (2OT)
I1 vs I3 +15
D1 vs D2 +15
J2 vs J3 +15
L2 vs L3 +15
A2 vs A3 +12
V1 vs V2 +7
9thG- Game 1

10thG- Game 1
11thG- Game 1
11thG- Game 5

Court 1
10thS- Game 1
11thS- Game 1
10thG- Game 9
11thG- Game 7
11thS- Game 5
11thG- Game 11
11thS- Game 7
11thG- Game 13

Court 2
J1 vs J2 +2
G1 vs G3 +7
R1 vs R2 +2

Court 2
C1 vs C2 +11
H1 vs H2 +8
E Winners E3 +2
F Winners F1 +5
M1 vs M2 +15
S1 vs S3 +3
T1 vs T2 +8
N1 vs N3 +15
9thG- Game 2
10thG- Game 2
11thG- Game 2
11thG- Game 6

Court 2
10thS- Game 2
11thS- Game 2
10thG- Game 10
11thG- Game 8
11thS- Game 6
11thG- Game 12
10thS- Game 7
10thG- Game 15

Court 3
L1 vs L2 +15
H1 vs H3 +12
S1 vs S2 +5

Court 3
D1 vs D3 +6
K1 vs K2 +13
E Losers E1 +15
I2 vs I3 +3
B1 vs B3 +15
R1 vs R3 +13
W Winners W3+15
R2 vs R3 +15
9thG- Game 3
10thG- Game 3
11thG- Game 3

Court 3
9thS-Game 1
11thS- Game 3
9thG- Game 5
11thG- Game 9
10thS- Game 5
10thG- Game 13
9thS- Game 7
9thG- Game 11

Court 4
N2 vs N3 +15
I1 vs I2 +15
T1 vs T3 +3

Court 4
E1 vs E4 +13
J1 vs J3 +15
A1 vs A2 +12
G2 vs G3 +15
K2 vs K3 +2
P1 vs P3 +15
W LosersW2+15
O2 vs O3 +10
9thG- Game 4
10thG- Game 4
11thG- Game 4

Court 4
9thS- Game 2
11thS- Game 4
9thG- Game 6
11thG- Game 10
10thS- Game 6
10thG- Game 14

Court 5
M1 vs M3 +1
A1 vs A3 +3
V2 vs V3 +15

Court 5
E2 vs E3 +15
G1 vs G2 +15
C1 vs C3 +15
F Losers F3 +15
D2 vs D3 +15
N1 vs N2 +11
L1 vs L3 +4
S2 vs S3 +8
V1 vs V3 +1
10thG- Game 5
10thG- Game 7

Court 5
9thS- Game 3
10thS- Game 3
9thG- Game 7
10thG- Game 11
9thS- Game 5
9thG- Game 9

Court 6

W1 vs W4 +11
W2 vs W3 +3

Court 6
F1 vs F4 +5
F2 vs F3  +12
B1 vs B2 +15
H2 vs H3 +15
C2 vs C3 +15
O1 vs O3 +15
M2 vs M3 +15
P1 vs P2 +15
T2 vs T3 +15
10thG- Game 6
10thG- Game 8

Court 6
9thS- Game 4
10thS- Game 4
9thG- Game 8
10thG- Game 12
9thS- Game 6
9thG- Game 10

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